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Friday, August 22, 2008

Need to take Afternoon Nap!

I was kind of tired right now, so after I will post this, I have to take a short nap with my kids. I have to get some rest, huh! My back is aching and my arm is like tingling. I have double vission already, hahaha!!! Since I got up, I was in front of the computer most of my morning, so I have to take a rest first before I will finish my EC dropping. I just finished dropping my 300 Entercard and I have 300 EC to drop more for my other site. I have to make a lot of effort so that I am going to have a lot of traffic from other bloggers. Need traffic so that I can get a tasks from any of the advertisers.

I was lucky enough today when I got up, I thought I am late to get some tasks because when I opened my triple P, I saw a lot of greys already so I told myself "I'm late again" but I was not hopeless at all... I keep on refreshing until I got one. Lucky enough to get a task. Thanks to triple P.

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