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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Children's Favorite Movie

My Children loves to watch Veggie Tales Movies. They were fascinated with Mr. Bob the Tomato and Larry "The Cucumber" and one of their favorite movie to watch every single day is "Jonah." Larry The Cucumber play the role of Pirate Larry, the undisputed laziest pirate in the world. Of course, the only reason it's undisputed is that the others are too lazy to dispute it. Hmm, very crafty of them. His agent says that by not disputing his title, they are demonstrating a dubious brand of laziness that could pose a serious threat to his title. Or, by being so resourceful, are they compromising their commitment to being lazy? I'm not sure, but all this thinking has worn him out. Bob the Tomato have the privilege of driving Junior, Laura, Percy, Annie and Dad Asparagus to the Twippo concert. Well, at least it starts out as a privilege. After a protective mamma porcupine shoots out one of their tires, they go speeding down a hill and end up just inches away from landing in the river, and then Bob the Tomato take another one of those porcupine needles to his posterior.

This movie is helping to motivate my eldest son's young mind to be aware of what are the consequences of being not following his parents. I am so proud that he is very smart to understand what it mean. Well, of course, we explained it to him.

1 comment:

~~Devita~~ said...

the movie looks funny. i want to watch it, but i never see that movie here.