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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Moving to Arkansas

My husband and I were talking about the possibility of going to Arkansas for a couple of months. I will be staying with my in laws there and planning to save thousands of dollars for our tickets going back to the Philippines. My husband told me that after his long week of training next month there is a possibility that they will not come back here in California for a long time, so he wants me and the boys to spend time with his parents while he is gone and until we can save money.

Being a military wife, I would really say that being a military wife is a toughest job among them all. Why? simply because we don't know when and where our spouse will be going. And keep on moving to one place to another. I am true NPA "No Permanent Address". I am thinking of our move this coming October going to Arkansas, I feel really stress and I want to say I will give up. It's very difficult to move and start another journey again but so far I cannot do anything, I have to do this so that we can save money for our tickets going home to Philippines and spend the rest of our time there while my husband is gone.

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