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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lazy to Cook for Dinner

I was so tired and exhausted this afternoon and I don't like feel cooking food for dinner. I called my husband at work and asked him if it's OK with him to order food from the restaurant. He said, it's up to me. So I told him to call the restaurant and place the order so that he will just pick it up on the way home. But he said he cannot go out of town with his uniform, so he needs to come home first and change his uniform and he went to get the food. We love Chinese foods so we ordered orange chicken and chicken soft noodle, we love their foods not just very delicious and also very affordable. Their serving size is enough for the family, I think they called it family pack, if I'm not mistaken.

My husband bring the kids with him so that I can rest for awhile then maybe after 20 minutes they were back from the restaurant and I was still on the computer and my eldest son was helping his daddy fixing the table. I am really proud of my eldest son, I cannot wait until he is old enough that I can ask him to cook meal for us, lol! So our dinner was solved! hehe.. ready to eat food less job!

1 comment:

Chant said...

hi there, love orange chicken too,I get that a lot when I go out :)