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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kids Getting on my Nerves!!!!

What a life! My kids are getting on my NERVES.... TODAY! Since they woke up this morning they started misbehaving really bad. I was teaching them to read the Alphabet letters and Numbers, and they were not paying attention. Then, they make a mess all over the house. From pouring our one bottle of olive oil onto out kitchen floor, to breaking a glass. I only got to rest while they took a nap, as soon as they wake up, there you go again. I don't know how my eldest son opened the pepper grinder which I cannot open myself because it is screwed on but he make a mess all over my living area. I put them in time out a soon as I told them that they can play again, there you go again, they went to our bedroom and pulling out all our files. huh! I was so mad... they are really pushing my buttons. It's like they want to try my patience with them.

Well, I understand they are still toddlers and they don't really understand. As long as I have my attention with them, but you know sometimes... chatting with friends or writing some tasks so I was kind of busy as well, huh!


mothercares said...

we mothers passed that a very stressful situation toward toddlers

you have cute kids btw

Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

haha. i know the feeling. relax and breathe in, breathe out.