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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jacuzzi was Canceled

I was supposed to go to jacuzzi right after watching "The Filipino Channel" but because of opportunity I told my husband maybe some other time. Anyway, the jacuzzi and pool is only at the back of our house, so it's not that far. My husband was kind of disappointed with my decision when I canceled it because he is looking forward to get in to the hot tub but I am sure he understands... I told him to go there with the kids but he doesn't want to go to the jacuzzi without ME. Hmmm.. because of opportunity, huh! Well, just trying my luck to get any task because it's been 2 days now I don't have income, lol!

Have a great Sunday evening to all of you guys. I know the weekend is not enough to get relaxation but don't worry you have a long weekend this coming Friday, right? Just enjoy your workdays, this is life, we have to work and look for money in order to survive and pays off all the debts, lol!

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