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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's Truly a Blessing

Wow! It's truly a blessing. This morning while I was busy feeding my boys, I feel like someone is whispering my ears to check and refresh my triple P. So I checked it and it was really slow as usual, as you noticed that I was writing about how frustrated I am with my internet connection. saw there is one opportunity that it's still green and I was staring on it for maybe 10 seconds, looking at the price and I cannot believe it's available to me. So I hurriedly click on it and as I said the connection was too slow, so I was hopeless to get it but at the same time I was praying that I could get it too. I answered the captcha and it take so long for me to get in... FINALLY I GIT IT! I think I was quick enough to get it or I think it this way that task is really meant for me. Thank you so much triple P your the BEST.

I am so grateful and forever thankful to our dear Lord Jesus for His blessings.


Mitch said...

hi it's nice to read hahhaa we had same experienced. by the way can we exchange links?

edisamsuri said...

well, everything is normal with the speed of my internet connection...

anneV said...

what is triple p? i have not heard about it yet. can we earn from it?

Carol said...

To date I've only had 2 opps from 3P. Well, hopefully I'll get the same experience you did. Ok lang naman kasi new pa rin to blogging. Thanks!