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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hide and Seek

It was funny, this afternoon I was keep on looking my youngest son because I cannot find him. I asked his kuya (elder bro) if he know where is his brother, all he says to me is "He is in the room, mama" but I cannot find him there. I look everywhere and I can't find him. Guess where he is? I sat on the computer and I heard a voice calling me, take a look on this picture that I attached. He was inside in the cabinet next to the computer. I told him not to get out right away because I have to take picture hahaha.. He was laughing and I asked him where he is, he said "I'm hiding" hahahaha.. He was sweating so bad... So when my husband got home, I told my son tell daddy where you hide, so he showed to his dad where. At his age, I cannot imagine he think like a big guy. He is only 21 month old. He is so smart and very adorable.


chubskulit said...

hahahaha so funny, he look so cute smiling in that small area. Hide and seek is definitely fun for ages like him.. My son will be 19 months this 15th and he does the same thing oftentimes.

Take care you guys.. Kisses for the lil' boys..


Ngatini said...

gosh...ur son is so cute..very very cute.. may i 'borrow' hihihihi..just kidding, just say hello to ur little cute son..kisses too

InobonG ProPer said...

oooh dear...very cute lah ur boy doing the hide and seek

my son did the same when he was the same age as yours..very funny but i was panic too..hehe

Berryblitz said...

hahaha ang cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee

naalala ko sarili ko nung bata ako. my sisters and i used to hide on the cabinets!!! but not that small like your son did hehehe

isah marie said...

cuties !!!c: