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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

He swims like a fish!!

When it comes down to the Olympics, I am more a fan of the winter games than the summer games, but needless to say I am always cheering for the American teams. I just so happen to enjoy watching the swimming events out of all the summer games because of the techniques and difficulty. Of course, since I am watching swimming, who is not going to keep track of Michael Phelps! MAN, have you seen him swim, its like he is out of place on dry land, he moves like a fish and looks so natural in the water. I always like to see those who work hard at something come away with the rewards they deserve. Did you know that Phelps has set an all time world record for the most Gold medals won by any one person in the history of the games, he has also broken 5 world records at the Beijing Olympic Games. It is truly amazing to see what the human body can do when it is taken care of and conditioned. I am sure we have not seen the last of Michael Phelps.


Blogger Dai said...

yea, was watching his event last evening.

Perfectly streamlined and world record holder...

Nita said...

Yes indeed! Even dear daughter was surprised! She said, wow! I like him...hahaha. Bata pa yan ha, 3 years old pa at marunong na magkagusto! Thanks for dropping by at my blog...I always appreciate it.

Good bless!