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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Got Mad and very Upset!

I took afternoon nap with the kids and as soon as I got up, I received a text message from my sister. Well, she is one of my buddy. I don't know if this is right to share with you guys but I just want to express my feeling right now. I want to cry and I am really UPSET with them. I will not really give you the details because they are still close to my heart. So I asked my sister to send to me the telephone number of the person that I can talk to, so that I can confirm how true it is. My sister sent the telephone number right away and I will give them a call to confirm how true it is. This is not bad news guys, just a family problem that needs confirmation for what they are doing to me. I really hate their lies and deceitfulness and for what they've done to me, my trust for them is completely gone!

Sorry folks, just want to express what I really feel right now. Hope you will understand.

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