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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good Condition

I was so tired this afternoon after feeding my boys and giving them a bathed for their afternoon nap. They were sound asleep and I have a chance to chat with my friends online but I was struggling to open my eyes, I was really tired and feel sleepy, so I told me friend to buzz me if ever there is a opportunity. I lay down on the couch and fall to sleep for almost 2 hours. If my younger son didn't wake me up maybe still I am asleep and don't have a chance to get a task from triple P.

I woke up from nap feeling better and in good condition for any tasks. I am ready hehehe.. my brain in working again for any luck now. And guess what I got 2 tasks today hahahaa... My brain is working, I was not having trouble writing with my task because I back in good condition, lol! Well, that's all for now... just making some updates of our daily activities.

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