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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gloomy Wednesday Morning

Good morning everyone, how are you today? Hopefully your daily filled with joy and blessings from our Dear Savior. I woke up today a quiet bit OK. As what I've seen I was upset last night but I let go with my feeling, I don;t want to to hold onto it, it will just give me more wrinkles. I spoke to my sister last night and as a younger sister, I really do respect my sister, even though I was upset but still I will give her what she need but not the exact amount that she was asking from me. I will just send her half of what she asked for. I think, it's fair enough. I don;t know, when it comes to my family, I don't know how to say NO! I am happy to share my blessings to them also. I know God uses me for a reason and His own purpose. Hopefully my purpose to to help them is worth enough.

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