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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Getting Sleepy

I was very busy tonight, I forget the time. It's late midnight already. I just finished cleaning my kitchen and living area so that when I get up tomorrow morning, it's kind of clean and not hurts to my eyes seeing the messy kitchen and the toys all over the place. It's really difficult if you have small children that after you just clean your house, they will also follow of making a mess all over. That's what happened to me everyday. Good I trained them how to cleaned up their messy toys after playing on them. I would really admit it's hard to maintain the cleanliness. But I have to because of don't want to see my house dirty. That's why even I am so tired I have to force myself to clean up.

Oh, I have to end up here, need to get some rest so that I have a lot of energy for tomorrow, huh! Good night everyone. God bless and take care always. Enjoy your day.

1 comment:

michaelwood59 said...

Oh boy! i can make a good comment on this one. i too suffer the same problem as you do only its just one child, our son ethan. its hard to maintain a clean house when u have children. i get tired of picking up toys all the time but he's not old enough to know better yet. i cant wait until that time. hehehehehe take care.. mike