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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Get Hold of Her!

I finally get hold of my sister tonight. We discussed a lot of things and talked heart to heart! What I feel exactly about what I found out. I knew she noticed me I was crying over the phone. I don't want to have self-pity but at that moment that's how I felt. She explained to me of what really happened and I fully understand. I forgive her for everything and it's only money. Sometimes, people think in my country that because you earn dollars you are rich. But they don't know that we spend dollars as well. My family, I always tell them how to spend wisely and save money for future needs but it's like they only knew what is for today " One day Millionaire". I am sure a lot of Filipina would agree with me. Sometimes we tell ourself too much already! have you noticed it every time we said to ourself "Enough" but isn't it really enough? As a filipino, I really observed it, you cannot hold the fact that you love your family and want the best for them. Am I right? That's how I felt for my family. I am so glad that the filipino values is still in my blood stream and that's what I want that my children will learn in the future. I want them they will grow that the value of family is always there and the willingness to help each other.


Me, the islands and the world said...

Oo nga, it is a sad reality that a lot of Pinoy relatives in the Philippines don't have any conscience in wasting the hard-earned money sent to them from relatives working in other countries. Kala nila, pinamimitas lang ang pera sa puno. I really hope your sister will be wiser int he future.

Lauri said...

I always read your entry and can not help thinking that you spoiled your family back home. I agree with you that people always think when you live in US, you earn a lot since you earn USD. They tend to forget that the cost of living is also in USD.