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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flower for You!

This afternoon my husband called me to remind me of not to let the kids play outside the patio especially if without my supervision. After their nap, they want to play outside so as a mother I let them play, my children was playing at my patio, while I was in front of the computer chatting with my friends. I was watching them from now and then and tell them not to touch the flowers that their daddy just planted last Sunday afternoon. I heard them just playing on the slide and riding their bike together.Last time I checked on them to see if they are just playing and not touching the flowers at at all. I was too confident with them.

Then, my youngest son approached me and hand me a flower, I was so mad at my youngest son because I told him already not to touch the flowers. But he is only a child, he doesn't really understand what it really means. So when my husband came home from work I showed to him the flower that my son picked. All I heard from my husband... hay naku!

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