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Monday, August 25, 2008

Featured Son

I was giving a bathed to my two children and my youngest son wants me to wrapped him up with towel, So my husband did it for him and put him in our couch. He wants me to take picture with him, so I took a picture with him. I was keep on laughing of what my son did. I don't know what he is thinking about this very moment. It reminds me of a baby chick that it just hashed hahahaha.. I think he is so cute with this picture. I don;t know they love taking pictures with all their pose.

He is very talkative, he will not stop talking not like my eldest that he start talking after 2 years old but my youngest is talking when he is 11 month old. I love them both.. because they are a precious gift from GOD.

1 comment:

jHeLea said...

i love your baby boy's pose young and innocent...really he is a precious gift from God