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Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Father's Pride

The 22nd of August was my eldest son's birthday, so on the 23rd we held a party for him at the local park right across the street. I was a small party, we only invited 2 families and we held a BBQ next to the jungle gym for the kids, so we could let them play while the adults talked. Our son is growing fast and has been bugging us about a cake for his party, so my husband stayed up late friday to make him a cake. He was having trouble with the frosting, I don't think it turned out right!! Any way he also bought Joseph his first bicycle with training wheels, he was so excited about putting it together and giving it to him. The party went very well and Joseph was so happy to see the bike, he even asked if it was his!! The best part came when we finished and came home to eat some cake (we did not take it because it was all messed up) but instead we all fell asleep and left the cake on the counter instead of the reefer. We all woke up and found the cake with all the frosting melted off and on the floor and counter, yuck!! It has really been hot so I am sure that did not help. It was still a good day.

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