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Friday, August 29, 2008

Excited to Meet my Cousin

When I called my uncle last Wednesday afternoon, we've been discussing a lot of issues. Suddenly, he told me that his daughter from his first wife is living in California. So I ask him if he can give me the exact address so that I could meet her. He told me that he will just send his daughter's information through text but I haven't receive any text message from him. So I called his wife again and she told me that she sent it already but still I didn't get it. So I called my sister and ask her if she can personally ask my uncle about his daughter's home address/cellphone here in California. Finally, my uncle texted me awhile ago about his daughter's address. So I google it and found out that she is not far from where we live. Maybe 30 minutes drive, not bad. I am so excited to see and meet her in person, hopefully she will reply my message to her and I leave a voice message also. I introduced myself to her. Actually, we haven't met yet, she grew up and finish her nursing degree in Cebu City, Philippines while I grew up in Zamboanga City. I only knew her real brother and 2 half brothers from her father side. Her father is my father's younger brother, that's why I am so eager to meet her.

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