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Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Dyosa" Premieres on Primetime Bida this Monday

After months and months of preparation, the much-awaited series Dyosa (Goddess) starring Anne Curtis finally airs weekdays starting Monday on Primetime Bida. Directed by Wenn Deramas. The fantaserye is based on an original storyline and will feature some of Philippine folklore’s most cherished characters like Mariang Sinukuan and Bernardo Carpio.

Anne Curtis
plays the role of Josephine, a young orphan who finally finds out she is not ordinary mortal after reaching the age of 18. After years of being raised by her foster parents, Josephine finds out she is the "Takda" or Chosen One and must help save the world from the Kasamyan, who are the evil God creatures from lower Earth. I was watching the trailer this afternoon at ASAP'08 and I can really say that this is very interesting soap. I'm sure a lot of Filipinos around the world is waiting for this fantaserye. She is truly a goddess. She is so beautiful and sexy.

To all TFC subscriber, don't forget to watch DYOSA.


Tey said...

anne curtis have come a long way. she deserve it because she has been working hard for her carreer, pero honestly, i dont like her.. lols.. have a great day Joy
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Imelda said...

i love the show

fortuitous faery said...

interesting new "fantaserye"...thanks for the info!

thanks also for visiting my blog! :)

verabear said...

I saw the pilot episode. I'm a certified Kapamilya, hehe. But, I must say, the effects fell a little short of expectations - it was reminiscent of their kiddie fantasy story telling shows of old. Pero I'll still watch it when I can, the story is interesting naman kasi :)

Constance Chan said...

wow this one looks very interesting... thanks for sharing..

dmusicbox said...