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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bea Alonzo Bids Farwell

One of the biggest young superstar Miss Bea Alonzo bids farewell to her ASAP'08 family today. I was really surprised because I don't know who is going to say bye bye in ASAP'08 family. Then I found out that Bea is the one saying goodbye. She is not going to transfer to other network or whatsoever, she will only focus on her latest teleserye "I, Betty La Fea" where she plays the starring role. We all know that Betty La Fea is an international soap opera and now Philippine is the one doing it. I am sure this will be a super hit teleserye as we all know Miss Bea Alonzo is a great actress of her new generation.

1 comment:

mothercares said...

I am not kapamilya but if ever Bea will play the role of Betty la Fea ay bagay na bagay sa kanya