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Monday, July 21, 2008

Telephone Bill

Today afternoon, I received a my telephone bill from the mail and my feeling was kind of mixed emotion. Hmmm.. I'm sure you are curious to know why and how much?.. hehehehe.. For the first time, since I got here in the States my billing is only $79.13. I was so happy to tell the good news to my husband huh! Wow, finally I cut it down from three hundred plus a month to seventy nine dollars, I'm really doing a great job. Well, I was really struggling paying the bills lately, it's kind of hard and difficult to pay, you know. So I control myself and lessen the call to my family back home. I told them, it's better to send the money to them rather than just paying the overseas call. I think it's not worthed especially if it's not very important. You know Filipino love to make chikka-chikka with their family and without knowing their conversation is more than one hour. I really accept the fact that I love chikka chikka with my family and I am not satisfied talking to them in a hurry way. hahahaha...


reanaclaire said...

Joy, hope u would enlighten me.. is it that i blog for PPP, i wont get any google PR? how to achieve a PR in my blog? i heard someone said my blog now is stuck without any do i improve on my blog to get more opps? Hope u can advise me..thanks very much..

jHeLea said...

congratulations sis....that's what Jet and I need to learn, minimizing our communication expenses

Sedna said...

Hi! Ulit ate Joy! Ate Please vote for as US President :-)

jenn_US said...

u can use phone cards joy. or theres a new service from abs cbn, Unlimitxt. u only need to pay $24.95 a month, then thats alraedy unlimited call. i think thats worth it. i do use phone cards right now though. but i might try Unlimitxt service.