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Monday, July 7, 2008

Take Comfort

Do you ever feel your trails are like wearing a crown of thorns? Be faithful. As you trust in God, your crown of thorns will be taken away and He will hand you a crown with stars instead. Remember to thank and praise Him. Do you feel like you are overloaded, your hands filled with heavy cares? Be faithful. As you keep trusting in God, He will take away your heavy cares and place a harp in your grasp, so you may sing glory and honor to God for all He has done. When I was not walking with Him, I felt like I had always carrying a burden in my shoulder, it seems like I don't have tomorrow and feel like end of my world. When I knew Him and surrender all my burdens and thorns to Him, I was lifted up and my life begins to normal knowing that I have a Superior that taking care of me and my burdens. It feel like everything is easy because I know that I have God that who is always there for me. Remember that footprints in the sand? Well that's how I feel when I trust and obey Him. Remember to thank and praise Him.

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