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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

Hi folks, how's your weekend going? Hopefully you had a good weekend. My weekend is wonderful and very relaxing. I'm glad my husband was off from work since Wednesday afternoon till tomorrow (Monday) at least I can have a day off also from the kids hehehe. He will report to on Tuesday, so I am so quiet relax and less stressed from kids and some daily tasks inside our house. My husband is my hero.. hehehe... I like it when he is at home because I will just sitting pretty doing nothing. Well, all I did today aside from sitting pretty is cooking Lompia again because my husband's aunt and uncle was here and I don't have anything to offer them for snack, and the best food I can make easy and fast is Lompia. I was glad they like it. They don't know I have a secret ingredients on it hahahaha (beef cubes). Anyho, time for me to sign off, getting late here, I have an eye appointment tomorrow at the hospital so it's better to get a good sleep.

Good night everyone and remember Jesus Loves you.

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