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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mother's Hands

A mother's hands were busy hands but never did they fail. It seemed those hands were magic, always knowing where to start to reconstruct a shattered dream or mend a broken heart. As a mother of two, everyday it seems that my job has no ending! I don't know where to start and where to end. Before when I was a teenager, I grew up with my step mother because my mother died when I was 18th month old. Then my father got married to my wonderful and very loving, caring step mom which I thought she was my real mother. I can still remember my step mom telling me, you will not know what is our duties and responsibilities as a mother because you are not a mother yet. Time will come and you will experience the same. And now, this is my time! I could really say that it's not easy being a mother.

To become a mother you should always bear in your mind that you are ready handle a forever responsibilities, but I'm telling you, it is worthed! Everyday my children keeps me headaches especially now that they are toddlers and they are curious for everything. Sometimes your NO becomes YES and YES becomes NO! To tell you frankly, I enjoyed being a mother, because I have a 2 bundle of joys that always makes me smile when I am down and tired. My kids are very loving and caring, when they see me like depressed or sad, they will comfort me, by saying "Mama, are you OK". Their words is more than a fuel that keeps me going through out the day.


artofreed said...

hi... there is no other warm than the hands of mama

entrepgirl said...

you're right. even if i have to do a million things everyday, and i would just feel so stressed and exhausted, having my daughter come to me, hug me and kiss me, really melts away all the feelings of hardships. you get to remember whom you are doing all these for. :)