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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Morning Greeting Straight from My heart!!

Good morning folks! how's you morning so far? I'm sure some of us are so busy with our daily tasks.. Doing some errands and a lot more. Well, I feel fresh this morning and I guess my brain is functioning again huh! I cleaned up a little in my living area before the kids will wake up and start making a mess again. It's really difficult to manage the cleanliness in your house if you have toddler that keep making a mess every time they will see that it's clean again. That's what I observed with my children. They will keep on making mess around if they see it that it's clean. So my idea of cleaning is during night time, when they are asleep at least I can clean the house and when I got up the house is clean. Good for the eyes to see hahahaha...

I will try my best to finish my task today before noon because I'm planning to bring the kids at the park. It's been awhile I didn't bring them at the park. I guess this is my turn to bring them and let them play for awhile.

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