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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Missing my Family

I completely forgot that yesterday 21st of July is my beloved Father's 5th death anniversary. I was kind of busy yesterday so I totally forgot about it. Today, my sister texted me about my father's death anniversary. We all know that most Filipino are celebrating even death anniversary of their loved ones, right? Well, that's what my family did. OK. I was guilty because since I totally forget it. I know my papa is happy where he is right now because I know that he is with our Savior.

I have a lot of good memories from my father, when I was a teenager he always serenade me with my favorite song " Till" until I graduated in college he used to sang this beautiful song. Year 2000 when I left Philippines and went to Bahrain to work so I only get in touched with them over the telephone. Until later March of 2003, he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and he died after 3 months. It was sad because when I was in Bahrain I always prayed that even 15 days that we will be together, and God is so good! I came home July 6,2003 and he died July 21,2003 in my arms.

God listen to our call and hear our prayers. I don't have any doubt at all. because He always said my grace is sufficient enough for thee. He is really amazing and I will bow down to HIM.

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