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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good-Bye Diaper

Well... well... I am so happy after all... At last my budget for diapers are lesser now that my eldest son is not using diaper anymore. We attempted many times to have him not wear diapers but he refused every time when I bring him to the bathroom to pee and poop. He is a very smart fella, he knows how to reason out. So, I tried to be patient with him for a couple of days now that he is using the bathroom but sometimes if he concentrates too much on playing he accidentally pee's on his short but you know it's OK. He is learning that it's not good peeing on his shorts.

I am so happy, it's seems like a very big fulfillment as a mother. Actually, I have a friend that I kept on asking what I'm going do to encourage him to use the bathroom and her advice works for my eldest. So first week, we gave him treats until we decided not too. And now, he is doing a good job. Then my 20 month old son started to copy what his brother was doing in the bathroom, so I am pretty sure he will be independent on not using diaper. I will just maintain consistency to bring them to the bathroom.


Mahendra-Jambi said...

its very good picture, and you have a very nice kids 2 !( )

armywife24 said...

oi share ge unsa nimo? :)

twinks said...

that's cute. it was like that with lil girl too.. kids are pretty smart when they want to..they have all the reasons in the you am glad that my baby is without diapers for a long time now..she knows how to use the toilet. :] great job!

Suprihatin said...

congrulation for ur kid

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Jean said...

you have a very cute kids..:)

nisha said...

You have adorable kids, joy.. its really so touching that you read the bible to your kids daily and you are a so god fearing. your're a wonderful mother to your kids too, and your family is blessed indeed:)

Hope you will collect the tag from my blog and do it if you wish:)

Imelda said...

nice trainor, here.