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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Getting Sick

I feel so horrible today, I have a bad and dry cough, goodness! It's really hard to have this kind of sickness especially you have kids around you all the time. My youngest son is getting sick as well, he get it from me, huh! What a day. Anyway, I'm still thankful that I'm blessed and hopefully in few days it will be totally gone. We are planning to go to our friend's house on Thursday afternoon and spend one night in their place and in the morning we will go to their parents house to celebrate our 4th of July with them but if I am still sick, I don't know if I can go, I don't want that I will spread the virus (germs) hmmmm.. to their kids. Well, my husband bought me a cough syrup so hopefully it will help. It's really difficult if the mother is the one who will get sick because you cannot do anything inside the house, but it's better also that we as a mother will get sick rather than our children, right? I'm sure a lot of moms Yes say to that.

1 comment:

armywife24 said...

get well soon!! :)