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Monday, July 21, 2008

Fipilina Entertainer in Japan

I was reading an article today and it caught in to my immediate attention about a Filipina who worked in Japan as an entertainer. According to the report, she was missing for a couple of days until they decided to find her. I was shocked to know about this Filipina entertainer in Japan who was a found dead and her body was chopped. They found her body inside the suitcase. She is the second victim of the Japanese suspect Hiroshi Nozaki. The first victim was also a Filipina but Nozaki was only jailed for three years. The suspect admitted that he did the crime. The Japanese killer is in jail but justice has yet to be served to the gruesome death of the two Filipina victims.

I feel sad about this tragic news, she is working hard to support her family back in the Philippines but now her family received her as an ASH inside the container jar. They didn't even see her for the last time and to bid farewell. A lot of our countrymen are encountering similar problems in Japan, many of whom are battered wives of their Japanese husbands. There's one Pinay who decided to take her life instead of opting to go to jail.

1 comment:

Olivia & Amanda said...

Wow! this is not the first one I heard of this kind of case in Japan. There's quite a few of this madness huh! I think the stress level in Japan has really exceeded the human ability. God help us