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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eating my Dinner While Writing

I've haven't noticed again that it's 8:00 PM, California time. Good my husband is the one attending my children. He came home from work and feed our children but I cannot resist to finish my opportunity so I didn't joined them with their dinner. I feel starving, cannot concentrate because my tummy is empty hehehe. So, I decided to heat my dinner and bring it in front of the computer while writing my task hahahaha... I was running out of time, my task almost expired so I have to do it quick. I know, I know this is not good but hmm.. Maybe you are thinking why I run out of time while I have 12 hours to do it before it will get expired. Well, most of my time during the day, I spent it with my two children but sometimes I am also chatting with friends while they are still not cranky.

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