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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Caught in an Act!

This morning I was so busy chatting with my friend online, while my children is on my back sitting down on the floor watching TV. When I turned my back and they're not watching TV anymore, I called them where they at, my eldest son answered me "I'm in the room, mama" so I went to their room to checked them, guess what I found? They were in the closet with a can of cashew nuts. My eldest son said, hmmm this is good mama... Without my noticed they went to laundry room and grabbed the can of cashew nuts.

This cashew nuts and some other foods, are supposed to send it to our friend who is deployed in Iraq. But now it's opened so we have to replaced it again. Kids really needs more attention and supervision hehehe... I think this is funny, showing how kids behaved if mama is not watching them.


Juliet said...

sakpn mo ha! lingaw ko tan-aw sa ila.

anne bianca said...

caught in the act jud ako anak permanente sakpan bah lol

armywife24 said...

hahha.. makulit kaayo emo babies :)

Blue Ginger said...

hahaha. smart kids ate joy! they don't even look guilty about what they did. haha.

Imelda said...

thats cute of them girl.what can u do but replace, hahaha.

Marvelous said...

They are cute !
Maraming salamat sa reply tungkol sa PPP. You are very kind.
God bless your family.

Heart of Rachel said...

You have lovely kids. Thanks for visiting my blog.

aeirin said...

wow they are so cute

poray said...

i was scrolling your page when i saw the names of your son's first name is joseph too and if not for my husband asking me to use his uncle's name as bubby's middle name he would have been joseph nathaniel :)