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Monday, July 21, 2008

Beatiful Monday Morning

Hi folks, how's your Monday morning so far? Well, mine is quiet busy with the kids but I am doing great. I got up this morning with a very happy face.. I remembered my step mama always told me, that if I wake up in the morning, starts my morning with a beautiful smile so that the rest of my day is beautiful and full of blessings and I agreed to that and that's what I'm doing. I feel relieved today, hehehehe.. mission accomplished of having a tasks from triple P, as I always tell my friend, I am completely satisfied if I have one tasks from both triple P and SS, it makes me happy and very contented, but today, it excessed to one tasks got two from triple P so I am so happy and want to thank you triple PP for trusting me to be part of them.

Remember God Loves you and He always pour His blessings upon us! He mercies is new every morning. Amen to that!

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