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Saturday, July 12, 2008

2008 Big Apple Awards

For me, when I read the phrase "Hope is good for breakfast but not necessarily for supper", I have to think about different situations in my life that I have gone through. Sometimes in our life we can hope for the best, be it situations that would improve our quality of life and are not necessarily a must have. But, there are situations in life that we must change, aspects that have to go away or improve for the better in order for life to be livable. At this point, hope will not do, action must happen, we must put our nose to the grind stone, pull out the elbow grease and work to make the change happen. Hope is all good, but sometimes we must make the change ourselves.

Please try to listen Mr. Mort Zuckerman keynote's as he was talking about the Big Apple Awards and his discussion concerning the campaign phrase Mr. Obama spoke of "Hope is good for breakfast but not necessarily for supper."

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