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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Afternoon

Folks, what is the weather in your area? Well, the weather here in Oceanside, California is very nice, not too hot and not windy. My kids enjoyed their time playing outside my patio before taking their afternoon nap. Hopefully, I will not feel lazy this afternoon so that I can take them to the park. I am not sure if have still energy to go to the park because I didn't slept good last night, my youngest son was fussy and couldn't sleep because his cough is disturbing him every time he fall to sleep. Poor little fella! He asked apple juice around 4:30AM and I just grabbed it from my computer table and gave it to him and I didn't noticed that he gave it to me back, I fall to sleep. Maybe he was keep on holding it, he poured the cold apple juice on me that made me got up so quick! All he said was "see"? I don't know what he meant and trying to say but I am sure he knew what his doing. Smart kiddo!

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