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Sunday, June 8, 2008

See You in the Morning

Hello Folks, It's been a long day for me today, because we went to church and come home to cook some lunch, we ate our lunch around 2:30 PM and the kids was kind a misbehaved but it wasn't bad at all, because my husband was here so I let him watched the kids while I'm busy preparing our lunch and doing things around the house. After we finished lunch, I sat on the computer for like 2 hours waiting for a chance to grab an opportunity from both PPP and SocialSpark, but I wasn't lucky enough to catch one, I full to sleep in the couch hahahhaa... so when I got up I saw YM from my friend but it was too late already. So, I was just chatting with my online friends and waiting to get one, and this time I am lucky enough, got 2 reserved opportunity from SocialSpark. And I noticed it's midnight here already so I decided to post some blog before going to bed. Now I'm done! See you tomorrow and remember Jesus Loves You so Do I.. God bless everyone.


Ratu Syura said...

Hey there! Sounds like you had a really long day. Hehe. Well, I totally understand cuz doing opps and juggling your daily life can really take a toll on me sometimes too.. Well, hope you have a great day ahead!

Btw, came over from SS! Nice blog you have here! :)

Laane said...

Sounds like a bussy and relaxed day.
Glad you managed to get opps.

Greetings from here!

Catherine said...

Hi how r u? I got a tag for you - "Six Word Memoir", hope you love it and God bless!