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Sunday, June 15, 2008

PayPerPost is my Helper

Folks, just wanted you to know that I really like blogging, not just because I can post my daily activities or happenings in my married life but blogging is helping me a lot when it comes to money matters. Last Friday afternoon, my sister kept on texting me because she needs money for her daughter's school uniform and pocket money everyday, I didn't reply to her right away because I don't have enough cash to send, and I realized that I have income from PayPerPost. I transfered some money over to my bank account and then sent some to her. I was so happy that PPP is helping me a lot. Hopefully I can get more tasks from them. So if you didn't sign up yet for PPP, please feel free to click the link below, I will assure you that you will have fun working with them at the same time earning extra money.


Rocks said...

i enjoy working with PPP too, sana lang I can ahve more tasks again :) happy blogging!

reanaclaire said...

hi..i hv ppp too but so far, hv blogged 2 and not rec anything yet.. i also cannot get opp there daily.. it always say taken up..haha... is there a certain time where it is easier to reserve? thanks for yr info..

Mommy Elvz said...

hi there! thanks for visiting my site :) I'm also interested to join PPP. Could you share some tips or suggestions, my site is new by the way.

Thanks and God bless,


Pia said...

thank you for the music. it helped uplift my spirit this morning. you don't have any idea how sad i was but i remembered i bookmarked your site. i listened to your music again and somehow it helped. i sang along with your mini iPod.

eunice said...

regarding PPP, is there a minimum amount to make first before we can get the money? If not, only making a few dollars, the bank will charge us also, so not worth right?

Please share more with us. Thanks!

My email is

Thanks alot!

riRiN! said...

hoho,,,i like to read your article.. hm,you realize that there are so many changes for getting money.. so creative.. you are a great mom and i think your children will always be proud of you=D