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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My High School Teacher

I am getting tired, I was waiting for my best friend to show up on line again unfortunately she didn't come back online, maybe she is busy, today is their first day of school. I was keep on waiting for her, hay! what a life! I just want to chat with her, it's been a long time since we've lost communication. She was from my home town and one of my teacher in high school, we became very close to each other since I was in high school. She is so nice and very approachable teacher, at that time she was fresh graduates so she was not that matured enough, and she loves to be with us all the time. She is not only my teacher but a real friend that I can share my problems and laughter, in other words, she is always there for me to listen. Now, were both married and have two cute little boys and what a coincidence the age gap of our children is almost the same. I miss her so much, long to see her and talk to her all day long.

To you Ma'am Lynne, I do really appreciate you. You are the BEST teacher ever!

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