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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Morning Greeting

Hi everyone, how are you today? hope everything is doing well by the grace of our Dear Lord. Always remember His mercy is new every morning and His grace is always abundant. I'm sure most of us are busy in our everyday tasks and some are busy getting a chance to catch some fish, hehehehe.. this is what we usually called "fishing", trying to get an opportunity. I really admit that blogging is helping me a lot, financially and improving my grammar hahahhaa.. When it comes to writing, to be honest, I don't really like writing letters or even a simple note to my love ones, for me better to give them a call than sending them a letter. Now, I am always looking forward everyday to sit in front of my computer and hoping that I can catch any fish (opps) hehehe.In fairness ha, it help me a lot when it comes to financial, I don't have to send money from my husband's salary, because I have enough money from blogging to send to my students back home. I am so glad that I have any extra income while a stay at home mom.


laura said...

good for u joy ako d maka bingwit ayaw ng SS sa english ko hehhe
Anyway thanks sa visit we can xlinks if you like I saw u in socialspark and I open ur blog too at yes gusto ko blog u.

aL|e said...

"I really admit that blogging is helping me a lot, financially and improving my grammar hahahhaa.. "

ur right po. magkakapera ka na naiimprove pa 'yong english grammar mo...dumadami din 'yong friends mo.. hehehe...

anyways, ako, magkapaera man o hindi, love ko parin ang blogging! ehehe

Mommy Reese said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by my site, you have a very lovely family.

Tey said...

Who cares about the grammar, I dont think all bloggers should have a perfect grammar and all should be a professional writers. As long as we can understand what you are trying to share... Hi thanks for visiting my blog, hope you can visit my other blogs too.

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Ester's Embracing Health
Ester's Raptured Dreams
Ester's Celebrity Blog

Denise said...

Hi Joy,

I found your blog on Blog Catalog and added you to my neighborhood. Feel free to do the same!

I lvoe your blog by the way. It's so inviting and friendly. And that is wonderful that you can make extra money while being a stay at home mom. And don't forget - you are touching other people's lives and maybe evening saving them without even knowing it. Keep up the good work!

Blessings from Above