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Friday, June 13, 2008

I Miss Bahrain

Sunset of King Fahd Causeway, this is the place I miss.... Bridge that connects to Saudi Arabia & Bahrain

Manama is the Capital of Bahrain and the Center of all traders.
The Grand Mosque in Bahrain

I was sitting here in front of my computer today, and suddenly it popped up in to my mind the Kingdom of Bahrain, Yes! Bahrain! I've been there for more than four years and I loved every moment that I spent with my friends, co-workers, my former boos and family out there. Maybe some of you is wondering where is Bahrain. Bahrain is very small place, you cannot even see it in the map right away... too small... but I like there.. the people I worked with and the friends and have. The most enjoyable that I would never forget is the food... Yes the food! there food is awesome... Hay! I missed it how I wish I can go back there so soon. I miss shopping there too... wow! miss their jewelry as well wow! I think I miss all of these.


Cielo said...

hi sis, ganada pala ng bahrain, open country ba hubby is in saudi and no matter if we has a family status already we opted to stay here in the philippines.

Joy said...

Yes, Bahrain is open country, not like saudi na kailangan mo talagang mag-ingat pero sa Bahrain very liberated ang mga Bahraini... at most Bahraini speaks english, british accent nga lang... Maganda doon pati mura lang ang mga bilihin at pagkain... Shopping din maganda hehehe