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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mathematics Subject

Practice makes perfect, that's what they said. I am so glad that there is an online website called MathVids for math lovers or for those students that are having difficult in mathematics. This is a great opportunity for you. You will learn a lot from this website, not only for middle school but for college student as well, even for teachers. I know a lot of parents want to see their children or students learning mathematics while they are not in school to keep their mind occupied and get fresh from this math subject, we all know that math is very important subject, and to keep your middle schooler busy, get them involve, and help them to prepare their minds for the subject, you don't have nothing to worried about membership fee because it is free. MathVids is design to help the students from middle schools to college level get a big advantage and this is How MathVids Works :

A.) Teachers creates videos and send them.
B.) You sign up for FREE or purchase a premium subscription.
C.) Students watch the videos and rate them.
D.) The great result is you will be more knowledgeable and understand the basic concepts of math.

Furthermore, they are offering all topics of mathematics for all ages such as:
1.) Calculus (I,II,III, Advanced and Statistics).
2.) Algebra and Advanced Algebra.
3.) Geometry
4.) Trigonometry/Pre Calc
5.) Pre Algebra
6.) Basic Math

Parents, if your want your children to be good in mathematics, this website is the right for you. You will enjoy while watching your kids learning, you don't have to worry about because every videos is very detailed and by just watching your children studying, you will learn as well. What a great site.
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