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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jesus Saved Me

My family and I went to church this morning and I am so proud that my family and I are saved. We are not lost, I am so thankful and blessed that we know Jesus Christ and put Him at the center of our lives. We are all sinners but because of God's grace, we are forgiven. He washed away our sins and cleansed us whiter than the snow. How amazing He is. I am forever grateful that even I am not faithful to Him sometimes, He is always faithful to me and my family. So if people will ask me how He lives just simply say He truly lives in our heart.

God Bless everyone and remember Jesus Love you and He will take care of you.


Inaj said...

hello Joy, it seems you are a very happy mom and wife. Keep it up!

Brazen Lass said...

to which church do you go to?