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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hard Luck Today

Wow! it's really been a bad day for me today, I am sure some of you would understand what I've been through. First I lost a lot of big opportunity from SocialSpark.... (Pera na naging bata pa). Ok, to make my story short, I am in a waiting list and when I opened it today I have a lot of open spot, I reserved 4 of them and i think 4 of them not yet, because I was so busy doing some important things inside my house plus my kids needs my attention so I told myself I will come back to reserved it, but when I check around 10:30 Am this morning all were gone! I lost it... huhuhuhu... I was so upset with myself and then to make it up I did 2 opps from Social spark from I reserved then when I submitted it to them I've encountered problem again. It's reall a hard luck for me today... But I will still Thankful because I have a lot of friends online helped me out especial mentioned Ms. Marilyn and Resebel, Girl Thank you so much! Hopefully the two that I've posted on my blog will be resolve tomorrow when costumer love response my ticket.

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