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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Got A New Domain

Folks, as you've noticed I posted a couple of weeks ago that I bought a new domain and I was keep on waiting and waiting and waiting. After two weeks still my new domain is not working, so I was kind a inpatient enough to wait, I emailed them twice asking what is the status of my domain but there is no reply from them, so I decided to retrieved to my old blog, so Yes I did! I was chatting with couple of friends online and they told me to try other company to buy a new domain. And I was convinced because I want to buy one. I did bought it last night, it doesn't take 24 hours it takes only couple of minutes, I received email from them confirming that my new domain is active. So I tried opened it if it's working, first it wasn't working but then I asked Ms. Rosalie to helped me out and she did. Thanks Rosalie.

My new domain is "Wife of a Warrior" Lovejoy


Prily said...

Hi Joy,congrats for a new domain!more power blogging!

E-Tavasi said...

Congrats for you new domain :D nice..
where do you buy your domain ?
how much... i want to buy too :)