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Monday, June 9, 2008

Goodbye HD TV

Hello everybody, last Friday morning around 10:00Am June 6th 2008, my son was watching TV in my living area together with his little brother, they're just quiet and focused on the movie that they were watching, while I was busy doing things around in the kitchen, I heard something in the living area, my eldest son threw a stainless mixer beater on my Samsung HD TV. Then right away what caught my eyes on my 40 inch HD TV was a big straight line in the middle (Looks like rainbow color), I cannot help myself but I cried like a baby in front of my TV. My eldest son comfort me, embraced me and he asked forgiveness. Who is the mother that will not forgive her children if they are asking forgiveness and know what they've done, right? My son is more precious than the TV. This is what my eldest son said while he was hugging me "MAMA, SORRY I BROKE THE TV" my heart was melting when my son said that word. I was supposed to give him a swat or spanking but suddenly I realized that who AM I, he says "Sorry" My HD TV was not that old it is only 6 months old since we bought it from Circuit City and now it's gone, we cannot use it at all, because to replace the LCD itself cost thousand dollars so better to buy a new one then, if it's the cost for the LCD. So, I cannot help myself but I cried and cried until evening. My husband told me it's okay honey although it is expensive and it will take time to get a new one but at least we are thankful that its not your son who broke an arm. I just wish that I can replace it right away with a new one, but it's like it wont happen right away.


JMom said...

Hi Joy, ah, I feel for you. You are right though, the TV is just material 'stuff' nothing as precious as those little one :)

Thanks for the friend add on SS. Good luck to us!


Shaxx said...

Sorry to hear about the TV but it is good that your son admitted his mistakes and apologized...

Learn More said...


i'm sorry about the tv. some time kids are more wise that grownups. he admitted his mistake, so it will never happen again. this incident is his eye opener, it must have created a strong sense of carefulness in his mind which is very necessary for the rest of his life.