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Monday, June 23, 2008

Good Night Everybody

I stayed up late again tonight, I was kind a busy writing my non-paid post about "When God wrote my love story," I didn't realize the time and it's midnight already here in southern California. But at he same time, it was very fulfilling day for me because I got three opportunity from PPP and one from SS, so I was so happy about it. It sounds like my first day of the week started good. Hopefully tomorrow I would not be really tired, for how many nights now that I didn't go to bed early. Last 3 consecutive nights, I stayed up late as well because I was trying to fixed my new domain. I am one of a kind person that I cannot sleep while I have something back in my head that needs to be done now or right away, not later! Sometimes my hubby called me "Demanding" hehehe which I honestly admit it. So folks, time to say bye now, see you tomorrow and remember Jesus loves you so do I. God will taking care of you.

1 comment:

Mariz said...

Your hard work paid off Joy... i love the new changes here in your abode. God bless...

Btw, hope you don't mind, I'm tagging you...

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