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Monday, June 23, 2008

God Wrote My Love Story

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to share my love story with you guys as we are a week away from our 4th year wedding anniversary. To begin with, I first met my husband in a christian fellowship back in March, 2001 in Bahrain. I was a choir member of the Bahrain Christian Fellowship (Filipino), and it happened that we were invited to sing at the chapel inside the US base. The Christian chaplain of the US Navy base in Bahrain, invited us to attend the fellowship in his apartment together with some of my friends. So, my friends and I decided to attend the fellowship at the chaplain's house the following week and there I met my husband (Seth). We introduced ourselves to the group of fellow Christian who were there at that time. At the chaplain's house, there are a lot of young sailors and marines who attended and continued their walking with Christ even they're far from their families and friends and away from home. We just started by saying hi and hello and a having coffee at the local coffee shop with bunch of believers. Until one day we became really good friends but not close friends. Then one day, one of our friends invited us to have dinner in her place and Seth volunteered to cook for us, we did not really know that he was a good cook until will tasted the food that he had cooked for us. After that, we didn't have much contact because he was busy at work and I was busy with my work as well.

We were surprised at his appearance at the fellowship one day during worship where my friends and I attended. He joined our choir and became a member, he is the only American who joined the choir at the time. Then one evening, he approached me and invited me for a dinner at Bennigans hahahaha... but I was not sure yet what his intension were to me, until later in December when he started courting me.

To be continued:


Catherine said...

It's touching! I always believe God writes my love story too, now until the end of days.

Anyway, I got a tag for you!

Darlyn said...

hello ate..

you have a nice love story..

its a perfect match made in heaven and i know it will last forever...

i add your blog as one of my favorite in technorati

God bless you and to your whole family.