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Friday, June 27, 2008

God Wrote My Love Story - Part 3

Continuation of God wrote my love story - The Wedding:

March 3, 2004 my husband to be (Seth) flew back to the US for 3 1/2 months for his career in the Navy, I was left in Bahrain and I was the one doing everything for the wedding preparation. We only had communication through emails and via telephone, so all the preparation was done by me. It was kind a stressful during the preparation because I was doing it by myself and he was far to help me out. Praise God because God's people is offering a lot of help, from the wedding invitations that I ordered from Philippines, to the give aways that needed to be brought to Bahrain from China and the wedding arrangements for the church. The "barong's" for the grooms men, ring bearer, coin bearer and for Seth were from Philippines. It was really stressful but thanks to God. My flight stewardess friend offered to help out getting the barong tagalong (Official clothes of the Philippines) for them when she made a flight to Manila. Then one of my secondary sponsors who lives in Manila offered to take care of the 300 pieces of give aways and the wedding invitations before she came out for the ceremony. Even though Seth was far from me at that time of preparation he always made sure that I had everything that I needed like money. I was so happy because he spent money to buy the textiles for my maid of honor, brides maids, flower girls and carpet roller. A friend of mind volunteered to be the wedding coordinator for free and some of my friends helped me out for the wedding arrangements, although we hired a flower arrangement.

He came back a week away from the wedding, so he still had time to help me out with some important things. The wedding was very successful and all the attendees were enjoying their time. We invited around 250 guests and most of them showed up. For me, it was the biggest day and happiest moment of my life and I will always cherish our unforgettable day together. Now, we are blessed by God with two beautiful and cute children Joseph Nathanael & Johnathan Aaron. Marriage is not easy, as the old saying says "Marriage is not like a food that if you put it in your month and if it's too hot, you will spit out" you should always be ready to accept your partner whatever he is and learn the differences and Let Jesus Christ be the Center of your marriage.

My final message:

It's time to make a choice. We can embrace an empty, selfish lifestyle that ends in heartache and despair, or we can learn to live and love selflessly just like our own Great Lover Himself. God is longing to write your love story, a love story far beyond the most incredible fairy tale ever written. Will you give Him the pen today?


armywife24 said...

WOW you have such a nice wedding :)
asa mo ge kasal joy sa bahrain??

Joy Del Campo Burlinson said...

OO didto mi gikasal hehehe... thank you ha