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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Featured Blog

Last week my friend Jana buzz me, she told me that my blog is on the first page on SocialSpark. I didn't really get what she is trying to say but when she told me that I can see my blog on the right side in my computer. Yes, my blog was featured for how many hours I guessed. It was really cool knowing that there are millions of bloggers who joined at SocialSpark. I was so happy about it, although I don't have any clue what it meant. I Just told to myself " I exist here on SocialSpark" Wow! So I told my other friend about it and she told me to save it for a proof that for once my blog was featured... Well, it's nice to know... my little happiness at least even for how many our I was featured. Right?

Have a good night sleep everyone, I think I have to get in bed now, it's getting late already and I am so tire now... See you in the morning. God bless All


Miah Laborte said...

wow! congrats! I just joined SocialSpark a week ago hehehhe... :)

E-Tavasi said...

nice.. congrats.. how you do that ?? :P