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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back to Normal days

Weekend is over, my free time is gone! Tomorrow my schedule will be back to normal. I am so relaxed if it's the weekend because my dear husband is the one who's taking care of everything like watching the kids, cooking our meals and cleaning the house. Weekends for me are a day off, maids have a day off right? So do I hahahahha..... But tomorrow I'm on duty again, hehehehe watching the kids, planning what to cook for dinner and cleaning the house and of course sitting in front of the computer chatting with my online friends and waiting for the opportunity huh! Being a stay at home mother is really a big job isn't it? Because as a mother of 2 little boys is not a really easy job, if you don't have enough patience for them, you don't really know what you can do. Thankfully I can always asks guidance and help from my one and only Helper and that is God.


Perky said...

Hi Joy. Arrived here from SocialSpark. Btw, your boys are soooo adorable! :) You must be a real proud mama :)

anneberly said...

who will not like the weekend. I am always looking forward for the weekend.. Hi thanks for the visit
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Em said...

hi joy landed here from socialspark.. me either i like weekend co's my husband is there.

Joy Del Campo Burlinson said...

yeah exactly, I love weekends, this is the only time I can spend alone and daddy's turn to have bonding with his kids hahahaha... He loves it too. it's difficult he is not at home all time because of his work, so only weekends they can spend but sunday it's our family day too.