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Sunday, May 18, 2008

US Army Apologizes

I was reading the news this morning and an article caught my attention about this one US soldier assigned in Iraq, who was accused of using the Holy Quran as a target during range practice. With the Coalition forces and the Iraqi national police working together to quell the insurgents this incident does more to strain that relationship than strengthen it. In a press conference held the other day, the senior Army General in Iraq was forced to apologize in person and present a "Humble gift" to tribal leaders. Once again, all the hard work to better our relationship comes crashing down because of someones foolish acts.


Anonymous said...

Bale manai noh, wa na ba diay laing practisanan didto ang bible nlang...hay kapait ning buhay ta mora jud life..

Joy said...

manai, kaning sundaloha dagway perting lagot sa taga didto, unya di man sya kapatay sa quran naalng hahaha